UZU - Akie AbeUZU - Akie Abe

Eat Seasonably and Local with Uzu

UZU - Akie Abe

I opened Uzu on 10 October 2012 to share the organically grown rice and vegetables of Yamaguchi and Japan with as many people as possible. The rice, Akie mai, is grown at my "Akie Farm" in Shimonoseki (Yamaguchi Pref).

Food at Uzu is extremely simple and are guided by a few important principles. Our ingredients are domestically-produced and all natural, being served when in season. Our vegetables are grown outdoors in soil and under the sun—the old-fashioned way making them especially nutritious and rich in flavor. Our dishes contain no MSG.

It is my hope that our dishes use only ingredients that, "Make your mind, body, and soul happy."

Our ingredients, like our dishes, are produced with time, care, and an appreciation for the gifts of nature. At Uzu, enjoy our select Japanese vegetables and high-quality ingredients meant to display the gifts of nature, farmers, and fishermen across Japan.

We look forward to seeing you.